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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

Your wheel alignment is one of the key maintenance factors to ensure that you get the most economy and performance out of your tyres.

Regular wheel alignments provide safe, predictable vehicle control as well as a smooth and comfortable ride free of pulling or vibration, and improved mileage.

Todays modern suspensions require precise wheel alignments that can only be achieved through a modern alignment system. This applies to both front and rear wheel drive vehicles.

When Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

1. If your steering wheel is not straight or your car pulls to either side or wanders on straight roads.

2. After an encounter with a particularly nasty pothole or kerb.

3. When you are replacing your tyres. 

4. We recommend a wheel alignment twice a year to ensure your vehicles safety, to improve handling and to help maximise the life of your tyres.

Velocity Tyre & Auto - Wheel Alignment

Every vehicle has a different combination of camber, castor and toe measurements. These must be correctly measured, interpreted and adjusted by an expert.

Our store has your vehicles specifications, as recommended by the manufacturer, available for reference to ensure the best possible results.

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Standard and Long Wheel base alingment...

Likely to be the only store in Australia fitted with Corghi inground Long Wheel Base Lift. Yes we can do Alingments on all your Long Wheel Base Courier Vans and Delivery Trucks. Our standard alingment is both front and rear adjustments.All our lifts are built inground so dont wory if your car is  lowered or has 24 inch wheels fitted we can do your alingments.