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Car due for service simply call 8348 5088. Weather you need an Inspection, Log Book Service or having troubles with your car our Qualified Mechanic will look after your car and be assured that you wont get a better deal on the services performed.

Castrol and Bendix ...

Here at Velocity we are using Castrol lubricants and Bendix for your Brake Pads. Two of the most trusted brands in the Industry. We also source all our spare parts from our local suppliers which helps the local bussines.

Convinience and Value ...

We are commited to deliver Best Value Service and have you back on the road as soon as possible. Velocity Tyre & Auto is your one stop shop for all of your Car needs.  



Regular Car Servicing...

You dont have to skip your service intervals to save money anymore. Change your lubricants and filters here at Velocity for a fraction of price you would normally pay at the Dealerships.Regular servicing keeps your car running smooth and also keeps the cost of maintenance down as you prevent major complications and huge costs.