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Thinking of Safety is thinking of your Braking System. One of the Most Important components of Safety is your Braking System.Wheather it is a Grinding sound or some Squiling noise there is a chance that you may need to check your brake system. Here at Velocity we check for your Brake wear everytime we rotate or change your Tyres.

Best Brands Lowest Prices...

Velocity Tyre & Auto has a Fully Qualified Mechanic on site, be assured that your Braking System will be checked by Professional Personel. Any work carried out is done with preccision. Bendix is our brand of choice for all your Brake Pads and our Prices are most competitive in tha Marketplace.

Not Sure if you need new Brakes...

Simply drive in to our local store or Book you Safety Check on 83485088.



Bendix Leading Technology...

Bendix brake pads are designed and manufactured for local conditions.This ensures they are right fit for your vehicle.Bendix brakes can be used for you Log Book Servicing. The most sought Brake Pad in the market is now available at your Local Tyre Store